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Yahoo Finance Exclusive: Warren Buffett teaches students unforgettable lessons

The male students are wearing jackets and ties, the women in conservative dresses and skirts. They are seated and earnestly await their teacher. When he arrives, they applaud. This is not some Norman Rockwell scene from a wistful, bygone era. This is November 2015 and the teacher is Warren Buffett. He enters by himself. Two […]

A Three-Hour Delay, Two Calls for Paramedics and A Fallen Soldier’s Journey Home

I was glad our plane had already safely landed when one of the flight attendants told me she thought our flight was cursed. First, there was the strange announcement at the gate. United flight 968 to Milan would be delayed. A new tire was needed but there were none of the right kind at Newark […]

Business Journalism Hits the Small (and Shrinking) Screen

Susan Lisovicz is a returning Reynolds Center visiting business journalism professor at the Walter Cronkite School for Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. She covered many of the major business stories of the last two decades as an on-air correspondent for CNN and CNBC, from the dot-com boom to 9/11 to the housing […]

7 Tips For Flying While Injured

I recently subjected myself to flying over the holidays. It made me pine for something supremely uncomfortable: my to-the-knee, non-walking casts. You see, I had an epiphany during simultaneous foot surgeries over the past year. As physically challenged as I was at home — from carrying a glass of water or going up the stairs […]

Leonard Paul Lisovicz: Burying My Uncle, The Silent War Hero

My uncle Lenny grew up poor during the Great Depression and lived humbly most of his life. But he went out in grand style. Lieutenant Leonard Paul Lisovicz¬†stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day. He didn’t dwell on the past. But he did specify in writing what he wanted in the future. We honored his final wish […]

How We Should Rebuild And Protect My Community, Post-Sandy

I came to terms with losing our Jersey Shore house within hours of Hurricane Sandy’s brutal landfall last week. Our house is just one mile away from that steel roller coaster, now bobbing in the Atlantic. If Sandy is the Mid Atlantic’s equivalent of Katrina, then our area — from Bay Head through Seaside Park […]